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Our tips

Every cook has his/her own tips, so do we:

  • Pierce little holes in the bottom with a fork, the crust will turn out well done and less sticky.
  • Dough that is left over can be used for cheese snacks, simply sprinkle some cheese on it and bake it till it is done. Or fill dough with minced meat mixture or apple.
  • When using butter crust bottoms do not open the over during the first 10 minutes of baking otherwise there is a chance that the dough will ‘drop down’.   
  • Less is more: use only a limited amount of different ingredients in a filling. You want to taste them all! A pie with 10 different ingredients sounds impressive but of course it is the taste that matters.
  • A tip of one of the first visitors of the site: pie with a filling of fresh vegetables that contain a lot of water like spinach can make the bottom very wet. Put a thin layer of couscous under the vegetables, it will absorb all fluid. Thanks Marijke!
  • Another way of keeping the bottom ‘dry’ is to bake it first without filling. Clothe the caking form with the dough, put a layer of baking paper on it and fill it with dry beans or a smaller form. Bake for 10 minutes, low in the oven. Remove the beans and baking paper and continue with the recipe
Almost every salty pie contains cheese

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